The Dark Cloud

My passion to increase awareness about mental health and shatter the stigma associated with it is hard for me to contain! Every year, Toastmasters International ( has several speech contests. I’ve been a member of Lunch Bunch Toastmasters ( for nearly 10 years to improve my communication and leadership skills. On March 17, 2016, I […]


With the help of my therapist, I created this road-map to guide me on my daily journey to balance. I have tweaked it numerous times to make the message transferable to others. Because mood disorders affect entire families, this information can provide compassion, empathy, and understanding to everyone whose lives are touched by these treatable […]

Is it bipolar disorder, ADHD, or typical teenage behavior?

I was inspired to write this entry. It is, however, one of the most difficult entries that I’ve written. Allowing myself to relive scary, dark, unpredictable times that involve my children is both painful and cathartic. My youngest daughter Holly is sixteen. She has given me permission to share her challenges and triumphs. Recently, my husband Fred […]

Depression–taming the wild beast

Depression can rob a person of who they are. Parts of this entry summarize my past experiences and include input from others. My goal is to retain some of my privacy, so hopefully, you won’t be able to decipher the differences between the two. Losing a sense of “self” is particularly devastating. The comment, “I […]

My radio interview on bipolar disorder

On January 28, I did a radio interview about bipolar disorder with Tony Gates, 1340 AM, We talk about how I was diagnosed and treated for bipolar disorder. I also share how I managed my symptoms while off medication during both pregnancies. See my website, Click on to the Media tab to listen.

Creating balance through honest communication

First I want to focus on the importance of talking to people in your life who really “get you.” Twice in the past week, I had phone conversations with people that I’m getting to know in my Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) group. I felt so comfortable talking with them because we could effortlessly […]

Agitation is often a symptom of mania

Many of you know that agitation and irritation are often symptoms of bipolar disorder. There is a profound difference between spending time with someone who is happy manic verses angry manic. Mania encompasses an array of behaviors and characteristics. I recently did an interview with Tony Gates on his morning talk show, 1340 AM ( […]

Setting goals helps decrease my bipolar symptoms

Sometimes I get overwhelmed just thinking about my responsibilities. My husband and two daughters are my number one priorities. Being a wife and mother feels like a full-time job. I’m sure many of you can relate. My career as an investment advisor is also challenging. Writing daily and weekly goals gives me direction and structure. […]

Holiday reflections of gratitude

The holiday season is a very thankful time for me. The first thing that comes to mind is my husband, Fred, and my family. As I’m writing this blog, Fred, our daughters, our new dog Moxie, and I are on our way to visit my parents near Suttons Bay, Michigan. The hillsides are covered with […]

My pregnancy journal

I kept a pregnancy journal from preconception through postpartum for both pregnancies. I relied on my written thoughts as part of the process to help Fred and me figure out if we wanted to make all the necessary changes to our lifestyle. It included brainstorming about leaving my job as a pharmaceutical representative. I knew […]