With the help of my therapist, I created this road-map to guide me on my daily journey to balance. I have tweaked it numerous times to make the message transferable to others. Because mood disorders affect entire families, this information can provide compassion, empathy, and understanding to everyone whose lives are touched by these treatable medical conditions.

Make this your own as you continue on your personal journey to balance.




Look at and challenge my beliefs to evoke a different emotion and therefore a different behavior.

My Beliefs:

  • Can block or enhance my energy flow
  • Can alter my perception of future events
  • Affect my emotions

When I am balanced, my energy increases.

  • I am confident
  • I feel worthy – especially in terms of my clients because I am adding value to their lives
  • I am razor-focused
  • I have fulfilling relationships with friends and reach out to strangers with kindness
  • I am motivated to exercise
  • I am animated
  • My creativity soars
  • Scripture comes to life
  • My concentration is effortless
  • My heart is full of joy and peace


When I feel engulfed by the dark cloud, my energy is blocked.

  • My energy has been sucked dry
  • I get overwhelmed with pressure and stress
  • I have brain fog and cannot concentrate
  • Dread permeates my soul
  • I get scared, agitated, and exhausted
  • I feel incompetent and unworthy
  • I feel misunderstood and alone
  • Negative thoughts imprison me
  • I want to isolate myself and escape from the intense pain
  • I believe the pain and hurt are permanent


I have the POWER to observe my thoughts and feelings without creating a negative story in my mind.  Feeding into the story only gives the negative thoughts energy. I can CHOOSE what I want to do with my thoughts and feelings and how I want to act on them. My thoughts are not facts.

  • My goal is to be aware of the fear and worry that the black cloud will descend again. I choose not to worry about future setbacks which only lead to being terrified about falling back into depression.
  • My goal is to separate myself from the part of my mind that is over analyzing, over-thinking, and all-or-nothing / black-and-white thinking.
  • My goal is to savor every moment that I feel balanced and have peace in my heart.