While this is the story of Finn’s personal search facing pregnancy with bipolar disorder, it is also a guide for family, friends, and caregivers. Incorporating consultation with psychiatrists, obstetricians, psychologists, and geneticists and insights from her husband and her mother, Finn delivers a personal but informative and practical guide from preconception to postpartum. In 1979, at age 17, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and began taking lithium. Ten years later, she and her husband wanted to start a family. One of their first actions was to consult with a genetic counselor. Here, she explores the risks of stopping medication and offers practical advice for monitoring behavior changes. She recommends keeping a personal journal, and quotes from her detailed journal entries are used to great effect. Other topics include avoiding psychiatric flare-ups, optimizing one’s chances for conception, risks of bipolar medications on the developing fetus, preparing for going off medication as you prepare for pregnancy, and coping methods she found effective. Appendixes written by the professionals with whom Finn consulted, a glossary, a reference bibliography, and a list of resource organizations complete this informative book. –Jodith Janes, Cleveland Clinic Library


This is the only book I’ve found that completely focuses on issues regarding pregnancy for bipolar women. Even if this genre held many books, this book would still be a must have. It starts out from the beginning addressing med changes necessary for healthy conception and follows the author’s experiences (she has 2 children) through postpartum depression. It includes what bipolar women must know about weaning off different medicine, journal entries from the author during her experiences, and activities that readers can do to help themselves stay mentally healthy. The book has been added to and edited by a qualified psychiatrist. My psychologist and psychiatrist are impressed with the book and I have found it an excellent addition to my treatment. –Megan Eileen, Amazon customer

I commend the Author for being brave and honest enough to share her experiences. Hers is the only book I have ever even seen on this topic and it makes it even that more important to female bipolar sufferers. Most women with this illness are diagnosed at some point during their child bearing years. I was diagnosed at 18 in 1992.Now I am 39 and struggling with desperately wanting a family-but feeling that I put it off for too many years. Many doctors have told me for years that I should never have children due to my bipolar illness. In this book, Kristen and her husband Fred bravely weigh the pros and cons. Reading this book really gave me some much needed insight and a faint but bright glimmer of hope. Maybe someday I too can become a Mother? I really hope so but if not me, perhaps this excellent book can help other women with bipolar. –Emily Sturgill, Amazon customer

I am a newlywed and K. Finn’s book is just what I needed to calm my fears and educate me on being pregnant with bipolar. My husband and I do not plan to have children for another year or two but I got this book in hopes to be prepared for the steps before conception and to develop the right habits before the pressures and excitement of motherhood. Since my being diagnosed ten years ago, I’ve always had difficulty reading books cover to cover like I used to. As soon as I laid hands on this book my husband found me enthralled with the personal stories and scientific backup. I read the entire book in a day or two, with no skipping around or skimming! In fact, as soon as I finished, I started reading it all over again! This book is very helpful! –Gregooo, Amazon customer

This book was amazing! It really helped me understand more about the process of becoming pregnant while having bipolar disorder and all of the challenges and rewards of having children! The most important thing I learned is to write a journal with all of my thoughts and be sure to seek support from family and friends! Such an inspiration 🙂 –Princess12, Amazon customer