About The Author

Kristin Finn was inspired to write her book after discovering a lack of practical information and guidance on managing her disorder through pregnancy; from preconception through postpartum. She reached out to experts and kept a detailed journal so she could share her insights written from the unique perspective of someone who lives with a medical health condition.

Kristin was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (manic depression) when she was nearly seventeen after very turbulent and frightening years that began in her early teens. Kristin graduated from Western Michigan University cum laude, and currently works as a successful investment advisor. Kristin is an advocate for those affected with mood disorders and their families including bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression. She is a member of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) Speakers Bureau and co-facilitates the DBSA Greater Grand Rapids support group. She passionately believes that she has a manageable and treatable illness, and her goal is to reduce the social stigma and misconception of “mental illness.” Kristin is blessed with a happy marriage and two daughters.

Kristin joined Toastmasters International 11 years ago to improve her communication and leadership skills. Please read her blog post “The Dark Cloud” where she spoke out to increase awareness about mental health and shatter the stigma associated with bipolar disorder for a speech competition.

For more information please email embracingbipolar1@gmail.com