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Bipolar and Pregnant: How to Manage and Succeed in Planning and Parenting While Living with Manic Depression

“Bipolar” and “pregnant” two words historically viewed as mutually exclusive, or at a minimum considered with ignorance or fear, are addressed in Kristin Finn’s groundbreaking book. People with any mood disorder illness (depression, bipolar, social anxiety disorder, OCD, etc.) will benefit from the information contained in these pages, especially Kristin’s message that it is possible to experience the life-altering joy of parenthood despite this diagnosis.

There are many books available from general reference to memoirs to navigating diagnosis and treatment. However, no book tackles the myriad critical issues women face as they decide to start a family. This book should also be shared with all members of the woman’s support team.

As a mother with bipolar disorder who has two daughters, she describes the personal experiences, challenges, and the coping methods she developed through two pregnancies. In this highly prescriptive book, Kristin, along with an esteemed team of medical experts:

  • Provides information on medical aspects of pregnancy such as preparing to reduce, change, or go off medication prior to
    conception, pursuing genetic counseling, and optimizing the chances of getting pregnant
  • Shares techniques and insights minimizing the risks of psychiatric flare-ups, avoiding episodes, and monitoring behavior by journaling from preconception through postpartum.
  • Presents the latest research on medications used to treat bipolar disorder and their affect on developing babies
  • Offers insights to help the reader manage and cope with pregnancy and subsequent birth of her baby
  • Includes helpful tips for managing a healthy postpartum period including parenting techniques for common parenting issues.


Contributor Specialists
Jay Carter, PsyD, DABPS
Licensed Psychologist,
Best-Selling Author,
Professional Speaker
Judith Hiemenga, MD
Board-certified OB/GYN who specializes in cancer genetics at Spectrum Health Hospitals
Ingrid Eerdmans, MD
Adult and Child Psychiatrist,
Private practice
Helga V. Toriello, MD
Board-certified medical geneticist in Grand Rapids, MI



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